about A woman is a research series in which female artists engage in a dialogue about their position in the art world.

Around International Women's Day 2020, about A woman organized an exhibition at Art Space Rotterdam with the work of eight female artists. about A woman - girlhood.
In this exhibition offered a reflection on the girl from different perspectives and in different disciplines. Within the context of the exhibition, the artists entered into conversation with guests, guest speakers and the public about the position of the female artist in the current art field.

Later we made also the exhibitions - SISSA (November 20)  - WITTE WIEVEN (white women) (May 22) - IN YOUR FACE (Feb. 23) and Holy Moly (March 24).

Under the title about A woman, the first exhibition was organized in 2013 at art podium De Witte Slagerij in Rotterdam. How is it now - years later - with emancipation in the arts?

In 2019, Mama Cash published a research report on the position of female artists in the Netherlands, which concluded that the visual presence of women in art is still far from average.
The initiative for about A woman was taken by visual artist Maritsa van Luttikhuizen, who has now sought cooperation with Astrid Moors, Debbie Voerman and Rolina Nell. With about A woman, the artists bring their own work and that of female colleagues to the attention and engage in a discussion about their position in the current art field. about A woman intends to put this theme on the agenda elsewhere in the country through this concept.